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Homeward Bound Animal Rescue

 About Us!

Homeward Bound is a small organization that was formed in November 2006 out of a love for dogs.  The group has evolved over the years and has become more focused on the type of rescue work we feel compelled to do.  We primarily pull pregnant dogs or dogs who have just delivered their puppies.  I was shocked to find out that pregnant dogs are almost always euthanized because they are deemed unadoptable by shelters and there are few rescue organizations willing to take them. And I was appalled when I realized they would throw a pregnant or new mother with all her babies into a gas chamber and kill them.  The moment I learned that information I redirected Homeward Bound's path in the rescue world.  Since then my sole focus has been pregnant or new mommies.  I feel this is where I can best serve in the rescue community.  Our mommy dogs are with us for at least three months.  In that time, we get to know them very well, and we are confident about the type of home they require to thrive.  We also have mommy fully housetrained, crate trained and leash broken.  Mommy will be fully vetted, HW neg, and spayed before she goes to her forever home.  Our puppies will never know a momment of fear or need when they are born in our foster homes.  They are kept in heated whelping nests until they are four weeks old.  The pups are wormed every week once they turn two weeks old and will leave our foster care at 8 weeks of age with a health certificate from our vet, minimum of first set of shots possibly more, multiple wormings, and microchipped.

We actively promote spay/neuter for all pets,  BUT WE AND OUR VETERNARIAN DO NOT AGREE WITH PEDIATRIC SPAY/NEUTERS.  If you question this, please discuss it with your veterinarian.  All of our puppies that reach six months of age while in foster care will be fixed prior to adoption.  The easiest way to combat the problems of pet overpopulation is to have your pet spayed or neutered.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to also have their pets neutered.  In addition to preventing litters of unwanted puppies and kittens, you will also be reducing the risk of several different types of cancer that can occur in un-neutered pets.  We would love to not be needed, but the sad truth is we will probably not see the end of this in our lifetime.

The adoption of any pet is a lifetime commitment and needs to be taken seriously and until death do you part.   As a group, we are committed in doing our part to place the pets in our care in the best homes possible.   Thank you for considering adoption.  Whether you adopt from Homeward Bound Animal Rescue or another organization, you will have saved two dogs from the potential of being euthanized.  You've saved the dog in the foster home and you've saved the dog that is sitting in a shelter waiting for an available foster home to wisk them to safety.

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