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Rainbow Bridge

Duke came to Homeward Bound when concerned neighbors notified us that he had been abandoned in a trailer where his owner used to live. He had been a former seeing eye dog for his last owner's father. Duke was so noble and wonderful. He was adopted by a wonderful, loving couple who had just lost their lab, Gabriel, to a rare form of cancer. Shortly after Duke was adopted, he too was showing symptoms of this same vary rare form of cancer. Unbelievably, he was diagnosed with the same untreatable and inoperable form of cancer. Donna and Larry did everything they could for Duke, and they gave him the very best four months of his life including a trip to go see the ocean. We know that Duke has crossed the rainbow bridge, and he and Gabriel are playing together waiting until that time they'll get to be with their beloved Donna again. Homeward Bound was very touched by Duke's short stay with us, and we send out our prayers to Donna and Larry. They are feeling a pain that is so acute that nothing can make it feel better but time.

Reba, formerly known as Lexi, came to us from a shelter in West Virginia after being found wondering the streets. We do not know what her story was, or where she came from, but this was one special little girl. Reba was 10 years old when she was adopted by her forever family. Her mommy reported that Reba just fit right in, as if she had always been there. She was a sweet, gentle little girl with a very loving disposition. Reba passed away the 6th of October from liver cancer. She was discharged from the vet and spent her last days at home with her family by her side. Her mom said that she was in no pain forever wagging that huge tail of hers. Reba will be missed dearly and will never be forgotten. Although her family only had her for 8 short months, they were by far the happiest of Reba's life.

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